Literature describes Lilith - the first woman who existed before Eve and Adam's first wife - as having fallen out with Adam and subsequently vanishing from the Garden of Eden after speaking the secret name of God. It is only after her banishment that God creates Eve. 

From this story comes multi-hyphenate designer, producer, model Sita Abellan's Lilith jewelry brand. Lilith explores Sita's signature snake symbol and draws inspiration from Lilith’s biblical story - which has come to represent a struggle against patriarchy to Sita. With Lilith, Sita wanted to create a jewelry brand that is quotidian - Jewelry that is opulent, but a part of everyday life and not solely for a complete luxury aesthetic. Lilith pieces are physical forms designed to help transcend the everyday.

Originally launched during Paris Fashion Week 2016, Lilith collection, and the line has since gone on to be worn by some of fashion and music's biggest stars including Billie Eilish, Rosalia, Winnie Harlowe, J. Balvin and many more. 

Hailing from Murcia, Spain, Sita Abellan is at the vanguard of a new wave of cultural tastemakers, pushing boundaries where music and style collide. As a designer, her deft eye and iconic fashion sense has seen her lens stars like Kim Kardashian for Odda Magazine and J. Balvin for Billboard, and recently become a personal stylist to F1 star Lewis Hamilton. She’s produced and designed pieces for Fendi, Nike and Faith Connexion. As a DJ, she's performed at the biggest clubs and festivals around the world including Ushuaia, Art of the Wild, DC10 and more, sharing lineups with some of dance music's biggest players like the Martinez Brothers, Seth Troxler and Black Coffee.