Sita Abellan’s Lilith ALEPH Collection Available Now

Sita Abellan’s Lilith ALEPH Collection Available Now

Supported by Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian, Rosalia, J. Balvin, Winnie Harlowe + more

Realismo Mágico was born in Latin America in the last century and it combines the supernatural and the extraordinary with the back-drop of the real world. Its themes of the infinite and fantastical world were the inspiration, and underpin, for Sita Abellan’s latest S/S 2020 Lilith collection, called ALEPH.

Originally debuted during the Milan Fashion Week in September, the collection is a fusion between psychological human reality and scientific physical reality, Lilith’s pieces are physical forms designed to help transcend the everyday life. Since its debut, the collection has been worn by some of the world’s top entertainers and models, including Kim Kardashian, Billie Eilish, Rosalia, J. Balvin, Winnie Harlowe and more.

ALEPH features brand new necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and chains, that range in finishes and materials. The new collection pairs Sita’s otherworldly snakes, with ornate sun and moon imagery, the powerful symbol of Ouroboros and locks anchored to fence-like mesh bracelets.

Lilith takes its name from the world’s first woman, and Adam’s first wife. The new collection sees Sita drawing on this ancient mythology with the more contemporary visions of the human experience laid out by the likes of Jorge Luis Borges and others from the Realismo Mágico movement.

The ALEPH collection follows Sita’s acclaimed Lilith Male collection, which Sita debuted during Paris Fashion Week at Silencio. She created a physical environment for Lilith to exist in, and curated a line-up that featured Boys Noize, Bad Gyal, and Kesh.

The ALEPH collection will be launched in small prophecies, which will be available to be purchased now via Sita’s online store